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Who We Are


Women, young girls, and children are disproportionately tasked with the long walk to the closest pond to fetch water. Not only do these hours spent collecting water take away from their education, development, and economic opportunities, but the water is likely contaminated, which decimates the health of the community.

We recognize that access to Reliable, Safe and Clean drinking water and good sanitation is essential to the development and well-being of any given society, and yet 800 million people are living in communities without safe water or proper sanitation facilities.

At Enliven Water, we are working diligently to create and improve existing delivery systems of Safe and Clean drinking water to remote regions of Africa.

Our objective is to transform the lives of poor women and growing children in these impoverished communities by offering access to Reliable, Safe and Clean Drinking Water as well as Sanitation and Hygiene products.

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